360 Marketing for Brokers in Latin America: How Does it Work?

Whatever the nature of the activity to be developed, there is no doubt that an organization will find in marketing a great support to make known its products and services, as well as its brand, positioning itself and gaining more profitability.

This is an urgent need in the case of a brokerage company that wants to expand to Latin America, due to the high competitiveness in this diverse market, as well as the need to smooth over cultural or language barriers, even legal ones.

Hence the need to have a 360 marketing service focused on brokers working in Latin America, such as LFXS, to connect with potential investors. Next, we will see how it works.

What does a comprehensive marketing service mean?

Communication is the essence of any marketing process. But, communicating what, to whom, how and at the right time is the key that must be considered in order to be fully effective, bringing the potential customer closer to the image you want to show, to position the brand competitively.

Thus, integral marketing or 360 marketing starts from the need to be consistent in communication, in all the media in which the messages are broadcast. This means integrating the actions, considering the different face-to-face environments, as well as online and in other media, through various platforms, without losing sight of the aforementioned objective.

If the nature of this process had to be defined in a single word, perhaps the most appropriate would be synergy. And it is that within the marketing strategy, the operation should be like that of an orchestra: each instrument has its sound; but, as a whole, they vibrate in total harmony.

And while we know that earning profitability is the goal on the horizon, 360 marketing allows in turn to meet other objectives, such as:

  • Get closer to the current customer
  • Attract the potential customer
  • Position the brand, gain notoriety
  • Make public knowledge of the attributes of the same
  • Enhance the conversion
  • Increase sales.

LFXS 360 Marketing for LATAM brokers

It can be said that marketing for brokerage companies should make it possible to achieve these goals in terms of attracting more investors. Although, considering the various possible environments, it can respond to other needs.

In particular, the service of LFXS 360 marketing is designed for brokers to increase traffic and leads, from scratch, developing specific marketing campaigns for Latin America, but without neglecting their clientele in other regions.

For these purposes, we deploy comprehensive strategies, offering tailored plans, which allow us to achieve results in the shortest possible time and reach customers with the right message according to their characteristics and idiosyncrasies, given that we know the particularities of Latin American culture.

In this regard, LFXS offers a variety of services to reach more precisely, contacting more customers through social networks. Even if the broker does not have a page, or if it is not in Spanish, a specific website can be developed for the Latin American market, considering, of course, the improvement of SEO positioning.

For this, we work to strengthen the broker’s image, focusing on both the aspect of potential profitability it offers, as well as solidity, and above all confidence, something fundamental when it comes to investments.

Likewise, it is considered that, in addition to attracting potential investors, it is important to educate them about the different assets and trading strategies. This is a perfectly valid option, taking into account certain specific market conditions in some countries of the region, where there are restrictions to operate in some markets. In other words, when offering a training, we work according to the broker’s brand, but without violating what the legal instruments establish.

In this order of ideas, our services include:

  • Marketing consulting
  • Market research
  • Social media marketing
  • Advertising in traditional media
  • Management of blogs
  • Organization and realization of events
  • Public relations

We cannot fail to mention that, at all times, these strategies are implemented comprehensively and synergistically, in the framework of 360 marketing for brokers, as has been emphasized. Therefore, on the one hand, the nature of the activity (trading) and the specific needs of the client and the characteristics of the products and services to be offered are taken into account.

On the other hand, the strategies are adapted to the specificities of the language and the diverse cultures of the region, whose particularities we know perfectly well, and to those of the audience, in this case, the potential Latin American investor, with its specific needs and motivations.

Positioning in the LATAM market

A brokerage company that wants to position itself in a market as complex and diverse as Latin America undoubtedly needs 360 marketing, for the achievement of the objectives that are sought.

To new markets, new needs and new answers. This could be the basic premise of a marketing strategy when it comes to expanding into other territories. And we understand this at LFXS when providing support with our plans to brokers who want to operate in the Latin American region.

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