Benefits of outsourcing your brokerage company with LFXS

In the beginning, organizations tried to perform all tasks themselves, even those that were not prepared or had no trained personnel.

But, over time the provision of outsourced services, even remotely, was gaining space, due to its advantages. Today, it is a sector with great growth potential. Currently, this market is above 240,000 million USD, according to some sources.

Thus, different companies have been leaving part of the processes in the hands of experts, even in the finance and trading sector. Below we will see what are the benefits of outsourcing your brokerage company with LFXS.

What does outsourcing mean and why is it done?

The term outsourcing is used in the organizational field to refer to the subcontracting practice carried out by one company, which establishes an agreement with another to provide them with a service.

Although outsourcing can also have to do with people, in the sense that they work for the company, without being properly part of the staff, earning only fees for services, without other benefits.

Now, the reasons for carrying out this practice are diverse; among them are mentioned:

  • The contracting company cannot carry out the task because it does not have the personnel, the equipment or the know-how;
  • The work to be done is only needed eventually, so there is no need for permanent staff.

Advantages of outsourcing

Outsourcing is a very carried out practice nowadays, due to the advantages it provides. In this regard, the following should be highlighted:

  • When outsourcing to a company or person, it is usually done because the company not only knows how to do the task, but they are experts in the field;
  • Therefore, if instead of outsourcing, the company is engaged in trying to develop the process itself, it should invest time, effort and resources, before achieving the goal;
  • In the same vein, there is no need for staff training to perform the task, or the hiring of specialized personnel, as well as avoiding keeping employees that are only needed in certain periods or for certain tasks, as noted;
  • For all of the above, it can result in savings for the organization, although in any case, it is necessary to weigh what are the costs of one or the other option;
  • On the other hand, the company’s processes can be streamlined, gaining in effectiveness and reducing time, since part of the task is carried out by experts;
  • And finally, outsourcing is beneficial for the cooperation and establishment of alliances between companies.

However, in some cases, it may mean a precariousness of the working conditions of those who work under this modality, who do not enjoy the same benefits as regular employees.

Although, this does not happen when it comes to high-level professionals (consultants, lawyers, accountants, computer experts), who earn high fees for their specialized services.

And in the same way, such situations do not occur in business-to-business outsourcing, since it is an equal relationship, where one provides services and receives payment for them.

Why outsource your brokerage company?

In the case of brokerage companies, there is also the option of outsourcing, to achieve greater efficiency when operating. And it is that even in trading you can enjoy its benefits, as well as others. Let’s see.


It is important to know that markets such as foreign exchange have regulations in some countries; this forces the intermediaries to comply with a series of protocols, to stay within the legality. A local broker, with better knowledge and management of these protocols, can assist in operations, avoiding potential penalties.

The volatility of the markets

Similarly, local brokers also know the movements of the markets better, as well as the reactions that can commonly be generated in the face of economic announcements. Thus, by establishing alliances with them, you can take advantage of such experience, identifying potential opportunities and even threats, by handling first-hand information.

Language and market characteristics

Those who are going to expand to other territories may encounter various kinds of barriers. In addition to the aforementioned legal issues, there is a lack of knowledge of the characteristics of the market and the language. However, this could be remedied with the support of a local third party who is good with both variables.

Benefits of outsourcing with LFXS

You can enjoy these and other benefits by outsourcing your brokerage company with LFXS (Latam Forex Solutions), business management experts, who provide services, in connection with:

  • Legal consulting
  • Marketing
  • Remote sales management
  • Among others.

In this regard, LFXS has business plans for brokers who wish to start operations in Latin America, with work proposals that will help streamline the expansion process of their company

So, investment risks can be minimized by having an ally who knows the market of the region, manages the language as well as the legal processes, and has the human resource and a technological platform to match.

For all this, there are already more than a hundred companies that have decided to expand their projects to Latin America and that rely on LFXS, as their trusted partner. 

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