Is it possible to maximize profits in Latin America?

In psychology as well as in the study of culture, in social communication and even in history, we speak of the onion theory, to refer to the fact that when analyzing any phenomenon, we find that it is made up of layers, and underneath there are more layers, more layers… Something like this happens with […]

Regulatory obstacles: Find out how brokerage firms can ensure compliance in new markets

When expanding to the Latin American market, a brokerage company may encounter regulatory obstacles that prevent it from establishing and operating. Below, we will learn a little more about the legal aspects of trading in LATAM, as well as the alternatives to respond to them, to ensure compliance in the new markets. Regulatory obstacles for […]

Ensuring success in LATAM markets: How Latam Forex Solutions can help brokers?

A broker can achieve success in the LATAM markets. Although for this there are certain variables that they need to consider. Among such factors, in addition to the particularities of the markets and the assets that are traded, the conditions of the economies in each of the countries of the region should be mentioned, as […]

360 Marketing for Brokers in Latin America: How Does it Work?

Whatever the nature of the activity to be developed, there is no doubt that an organization will find in marketing a great support to make known its products and services, as well as its brand, positioning itself and gaining more profitability. This is an urgent need in the case of a brokerage company that wants […]

Successful Sales Strategy to Expand Your FOREX and CFD Company in Latin America

To build a successful sales strategy, with a view to expanding your FOREX and CFD company in Latin America, it is important to know the particularity of this market, as the idiosyncrasies of its inhabitants and the nuances of their various cultures. In addition, you have to consider the options in terms of the means […] and its registered trademark in the Latin American Market 

Due to its experience, alternatives of instruments to invest, fast and effective platform, and ease of opening and operation, has become one of the leading brokers in the foreign exchange market.  This brand, part of the StoneX family, a Fortune 500 company listed on NASDAQ, has been operating for more than twenty years. As […]

What strategies can brokers use to succeed in Latin America?

Latin America has a huge potential, offering great possibilities for investment. And although there are already brokerage companies providing their services in the region, the Latino investor is starting to get to know the different products. That is to say, there is still room to grow. From the information reported by different sites, regarding the […]

Mexico: In the eyes of big brokers

Due to its geographical location, its human capital and the great growth of its internal market, Mexico is in the eyes of the big brokers, who are increasingly turning their attention and investing in the Aztec country, considered as the best-positioned emerging economy. Let’s look at the details. Mexico: the second largest economy in LATAM […]

Requirements that every broker must meet to convey confidence to new clients

At the time of investing, people not only think about the profitability they are going to get, but they also want to find security, in the sense of reducing the chances of falling victim to a scam and losing their money. Now, because this has happened, and it doesn’t stop happening, there are requirements that […]

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