Fears that brokers face when expanding their business abroad

It is natural that when faced with a new situation, a challenge or a change, certain doubts and concerns arise. In this sense, some fears that brokers face, when expanding their business abroad, may be similar to those of other types of businesses or ventures.Among these are the fear of failing, the fear of the […]

5 highlights that every Broker should know about LATAM

Latin America is a region that although it has an abundance of natural resources and a large young population, is also defined by contradictions, mainly the result of some not-always-correct political decisions, which have an impact on free trade and, consequently, on its economic development. Nevertheless, it is still an attractive alternative for investing. But, […]

Why Brokers Choose LATAM as a Place of Expansion: Know the Reasons

Despite their conflicts, problems and contradictions, the nations that make up what we commonly know as Latin America are still a good market, a place to invest in various assets. Hence that many traders set their sights on these countries, where there are still untapped virgin niches. Below we will know the reasons why brokers […]

FOREX: Conquering the Market in Latin America

The market in Latin America is gradually being conquered by FOREX. Little by little, in the countries of the region, different investors are beginning to look with interest at the attractive foreign exchange market. And not only that, but they also do their negotiations with various peers in this large market, either through local brokers […]

Brazil: A Challenging Market for Forex and CFD Brokers

Despite its conditions as an emerging economy, which generates great attractiveness for investment, Brazil is considered a challenging market for Forex and CFD brokers, due to the restrictions that exist, and even the sanctions that have been given against companies that trade in currencies and contracts for difference, among other products. Let’s take a closer […]

The Present and Future of NFTs in Latin America

One of the cryptoassets with the greatest boom during the last two years is the so-called NFT (an acronym for “Non-Fungible Token” or “Non-fungible Voucher,” a type of encrypted digital asset or even the digital certification of a physical part), which have become a market that has attracted equally video game and application developers, graphic […]

How Can Latin America Compete in the Foreign Exchange Market?

The presence of Latin American currencies in the foreign exchange market is rather weak, due to various factors, such as the stability of the economy, devaluations and inflation in the countries of the region. But can anything be done about it? Can they increase their participation in the foreign exchange market, becoming competitive? Global foreign […]

Brokers and Platforms Present in Latin America

Forex Trading is one of the sectors that is currently growing the most in Latin America, the interest and popularity of this activity is increasing more and more, expanding even to cryptocurrency trading and bringing to trading the important commodities for South and Central America such as Gold, Coffee, Oil, Cotton. Even local currencies such […]

The Number of Traders in Latin America Doubles

Undoubtedly, Trading has become the preferred financial activity for many, especially in Latin America where its total volumes have increased by 10.28% only in the second quarter of 2022 (taking as a reference the data obtained from the previous quarter of the same year).

The Secret of Libertex to Expand in Latin America

Libertex is a broker or stockbroker that has been present in the market since 2016 and belongs to the company Indication Investments Limited, which has been positioned since 1997, providing support with more than 20 years of experience.

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