Creating successful events in LATAM: How LFXS has the answer?

The creation of successful events can be decisive within the marketing strategy, depending on the objectives that are sought and the audience. And there is no doubt that this type of activity can be a pleasant experience for customers.

But, to achieve this, it is essential that each one of the actions related to it be well organized and carried out. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about some keys to creating successful events.

Event marketing: what is it and what is it done for?

Talking about event marketing can be a bit extensive since there are many types of activities that would fall into this category:

  •  Samples: Food and beverage tastings, where the public directly tastes the products;
  • Competencies: They constitute an important stage for brands associated with sports practice, which is why in events such as marathons there are usually fairs with various stands beforehand;
  • Book fairs: They are a stage for both publishers and the writers themselves;
  • Talks, seminars, forums, conferences: These are events where knowledge is acquired, but companies are also promoted;
  • Educational fairs: In this type of event you can find out about study offers and also the institutions can show what they are and what they do;
  • Concerts and other art events, such as photography or painting exhibition openings;
  • Expo-fairs of general products, they include automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, comics, and technology products;
  • Other major events such as universal exhibitions.

Each of these activities has to build its own particular strategy because the objectives being pursued could be totally different. In this sense, it is important to be clear that it is not the same to position a university as to sell an electric motorcycle, to make a comparison.

Importance and benefits

The objectives that are pursued with event marketing basically aim to communicate or transmit the message, in a more effective and above all timely way, as well as to bring the brand closer to the audience and introduce it to those who do not know it yet, but who could be potential customers.

Similarly, as noted at the beginning, a good event is a memorable experience, to the extent that it arouses feelings of liking, enjoyment or pleasure in the customer. Therefore, they generate engagement or connection with the brand and promote the desired positioning.

We can summarize by saying that events usually give good results for:

  • Increasing brand awareness and positioning;
  • Publicizing new products or services;
  • Boosting the sales of the same;
  • Coming into contact with the core target;
  • Knowing first-hand the needs, expectations, concerns and interests of the audience.

They are also a good opportunity to apply surveys and other instruments to collect information in the field, intending to do market research.

How to organize a successful event?

Given the benefits listed above, it’s no wonder that many brands and companies decide to invest time, effort and resources, either to organize an event for themselves or to assist others.

Of course, to achieve this, each one of the activities related to the event must be well organized and carried out, as was said before, because the success and impeccability of the event will then be associated with the brand.

Therefore, you have to pay close attention to the details, starting by defining the objectives and scope of the event. Although they may vary, according to the type of events, in general, the steps that are usually taken in this regard are the following.


It requires a good previous organization, in terms of budget, schedules and work teams of the company that must take care of the event; or if an outsourcing company is going to be hired, to be in contact with it.

Design of the action

Then, we have to know what we are going to do specifically, for how long we are going to participate, if samples will be delivered, if it will be an exhibition or demonstration, if we need some specialists, what special devices or equipment are required, everything related to the catering, the comfort of the participants and attendees, among other aspects.

Management of the spaces

Depending on whether it is a public or private place, the actions may differ, as well as the costs and permits. And we must not forget that a good location can be decisive to better reach the public.

Invitations and promotions

The information regarding the event must reach the interested public. Thus, the activity must be promoted through social networks and other means, and invite special personalities, which can add more sparkle to the event.

On the day of the event

In addition to the aforementioned, it is required to be very attentive to what may happen, that is, unforeseen last-minute needs. It is necessary to have good logistics and coordination, as well as implement the strategies to measure and analyze the results, because the evaluation of the event is also important, through the application of instruments to collect information concerning the brand.

LFXS: events to be closer to your customers

All the actions listed above can seem overwhelming, and even more so if responsibility is entrusted to people who already have their jobs within an organization. That’s why, it is not surprising that sometimes companies hire a third party, a specialist in this type of activity.

And if it is an important event, transcendental for the promotion of the brand, it is a necessary choice. Without a doubt, an event organized by professionals can generate better results, in addition to better controlling execution times and budget, as they have the know-how.

Precisely, this is something that characterizes LFXS. We know how to provide the best answers because we have experience in conducting seminars and courses, both online and face-to-face, in different Latin American countries.

Also, we have a network of experts, economic analysts, traders, influencers, speakers, and contact with various media, to be able to carry out an interesting activity, promoting from the beginning, to ensure an event with full rooms, with a view to an important positioning of your brand.

Successful events in LATAM

It is a conviction, quite widespread, that Latinos are more sociable, on average, compared to Anglo-Saxons or Europeans. Hence, if there’s one region where events are a necessity, it’s Latin America. The Latino likes the closeness. They want to see, touch, feel, get in touch.And on the other hand, knowing the characteristics of the audience to which the activity is aimed is important, for the creation of successful events in LATAM. And in this, LFXS also has the answer, because we know the Latin market closely.

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