and its registered trademark in the Latin American Market 

Due to its experience, alternatives of instruments to invest, fast and effective platform, and ease of opening and operation, has become one of the leading brokers in the foreign exchange market. 

This brand, part of the StoneX family, a Fortune 500 company listed on NASDAQ, has been operating for more than twenty years. As part of that history, this broker has opened its operations to attract investors in Latin American countries, having good receptivity. Let’s look at the details. 

What is has been operating since 2001. This is a trading name used by GAIN Global Markets Inc., which in turn is part of the GAIN Capital Holdings group, whose headquarters are located in New Jersey (USA). 

It is an independent, but affiliated, wholly owned subsidiary of StoneX, a company with assets valued at more than 5000 million USD, which provides financial services in global markets. It is currently listed on NASDAQ (since 2020). is regulated by multiple bodies, including the FCA from the United Kingdom. Additionally, there is supervision by entities from the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan and the Cayman Islands.

As noted on their website, the mission of aims to offer all possible advantages in trading operations for their clients. To this end, through their platforms, they provide access to many markets, including:

  • Currencies (up to 84 pairs)
  • Cryptocurrencies (8 pairs)
  • Raw materials
  • Metals
  • Indexes
  • Assets
  • CFDs on indices and stocks
  • Petroleum
  • Gold
  • Bonuses
  • ETFs 

And although not all jurisdictions have access to these instruments, they are available to international traders. Please note that the products and services offered depend on your location and the entity that monitored the region of your account.

In addition, assists its users, making available a good amount of research and educational resources, with trading courses (for beginners and advanced) and webinars, among others. 

Advantages and benefits of

In general, there is a positive perception of the brand; it is considered a reliable broker and enjoys a good reputation. In this regard, among their advantages and benefits, the following are noted:

  • More than 20 years of experience; 
  • separates customer deposits from company funds;
  • offers retailers commission-free pricing*, with a minimum margin of 0.8 pips;
  • allows trading on MT4 and MT5 platforms;
  • easiness for opening an account;
  • supports bank transfers and credit/debit cards;
  • minimum deposit of 100 USD;
  • more than 4,750 trading instruments;
  • they are a good alternative for traders who handle large amounts;
  • it has options for automated trading; 
  • speed and effectiveness: operates in fractions of a second with a high success rate;
  • access via PC, tablet or smartphone. 
  • The cost of the spread still applies’s presence in Latam

In the United States, where is based, it has been operating since 2001. In this territory, it is considered a leading broker in currency trading, as well as in terms of the volume of funds and clients. 

And for a couple of years now, it has been expanding to conquer the Latin American market, launching its website in Spanish, from which they provide an online trading platform for investors from the region interested in the foreign exchange market, as well as other assets. 

Currently, there are several Latin countries from which negotiations can be made through this broker. Among them are mentioned Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. 

It is interesting to note that there are five nations for which has toll-free hotlines, during the same hours in which the foreign exchange market operates (from Sunday at 22:00 to Friday at 22:00 GMT). These countries are Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil; precisely the five largest economies. This indicates the interest of in these markets. 

However, it is good to remember that in Brazil there are restrictions on trading with currencies and other derivative securities. It has even happened that the regulator has suspended and fined companies. Of course, this does not prevent a brand like from promoting itself, through activities such as training. 

Regarding Argentina, there has been a foreign exchange regulation for almost four years, with different measures related to the monthly amount of foreign currency purchase, for transfers abroad, as well as for imports. However, regulated brokers, domestic or foreign, can work with the foreign exchange market. 

In general, in almost all countries of the region, operates or is present, considering itself a positioned brand. In addition, as a broker, it is well known in the analyses that are made and presented in pages that provide guidance to people interested in investing or learning about the foreign exchange market.

Latin America: a promising market

Despite all its paradoxes, contradictions and sometimes difficulties, Latin America is still an interesting alternative to invest in. Overall, it is an economy with great growth potential, because it has resources of various types: agricultural, hydrological, mining, oil, and tourism potential, among others.

However, they face complex situations, such as high inflation, which affects the strength of their currencies. Thus, local investors may be interested in the foreign exchange market to protect their money, taking refuge, so to speak, in stronger currencies. And this opens up a space for brokers working in the foreign exchange market.

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