How to expand the commercial development of your company in Latin American countries with the Help of LFXS?

To expand the commercial development of your brokerage company in Latin American countries, it is necessary to study the market, offer attractive products and services, and create campaigns to attract as many potential investors as possible. For these and other actions designed for such purposes, you can count on LFXS to help you.

What does your company need to expand its business development?

When talking about commercial development, reference is made to projects and activities whose main objective is the growth of the figures, in terms of profitability, as well as the impact on the market.

For such ends, the company’s resources are focused to achieve access to new markets, identifying potential customers, creating new products, and increasing exports, among other actions.

Let’s see how a brokerage company can achieve this to expand its business development in Latin American countries.

Strengthen the presence in the current market

Before starting a business development plan, it is important to strengthen the presence in the current market, as a basis for sustainability, while the business finishes consolidating in other squares.

Identify the target market and get to know it

Of course, it is necessary to aim at a market that has the potential to promote the commercial development of your company. Even, several possible options should be considered, in terms of places, and analyzed by doing research.

Therefore, it is important to know the new market in relation to:

  • Characteristics of the population;
  • The needs of potential investors;
  • Savings and investment habits;
  • Presence of the competition.

Provide a good inventory

Although a brokerage company is not exactly like a store, it is always good to keep a good inventory. In this case, we are talking about offering investments in various assets and markets.

New products or services

Both in the current and in the new markets, a good way to position yourself is to innovate, launching other products and services, to attract more customers. Of course, we have to consider what the competition does not offer.

Adapting to the market

Wherever you go, do what you see, says an old proverb. And when you come to a new market, where a lot of things work differently, you have to know how to adapt, without losing the essence, as McDonald’s does, offering a particular menu in many places, with regional products.

Choosing channels

Since you have considered expanding the commercial development of your company in Latin American countries, it would be good to appeal to various sales channels. In this sense, if you already operate through digital platforms, for example, you can also consider doing it physically, by opening a new office.

Means of promotion

To attract new investors in Latin American countries, it may well be necessary to follow different paths than usual, as this is a different market, with particular characteristics.

In this sense, you must generate eye-catching campaigns, making use of the media through which the potential audience connects. But you have to speak to them in their language and in terms that are clear to them and at the same time convincing.

Highlight the added value

In these campaigns, something very important that must be done is to highlight the added value, focusing the messages both on the services to be offered and on what makes your brokerage company different from the competition, and how this benefits the potential investor.

Establishing alliances

Another way to expand the commercial development of your brokerage company in Latin American countries is to get help from local organizations, establishing alliances or even outsourcing some services. This strategy allows you to use the knowledge of the market and the experience that the other company already has, to consolidate the business.

Don’t forget about customer service

Last but not least, you have to provide good customer service, through the different channels. Being an organization that offers innovative services, those interested may want to know and ask a lot of things. It’s time to take advantage of that interest and make the closing.

LFXS Services to expand in Latin America

Now that we know what it takes to expand the business development of your brokerage company in Latin American countries, let’s see what are the services that LFXS offers to achieve success in your plans:

  • Opening of offices and administration: LFXS helps you both in the constitution of your company, complying with all legal regulations, as well as in management, including HR management, payroll and other administrative and accounting tasks.

  • Recruitment of personnel: Something very important for the development of the business is to have staff for key positions; in addition to experience in the process. We have a wide base of professionals with knowledge of finance and leadership profiles.

  • Legal consulting: Each country in LATAM has its regulations and requirements, for opening companies, conducting promotions or offering assets. Proper legal advice is important. And for this, we have the support of lawyers specializing in finance.

  • Marketing 360: Marketing is crucial to make yourself known in new markets, generate traffic and achieve conversions. Our comprehensive plans are carried out by experts who know the Latin American market, which allows us to reach customers with the right message.

  • Events and public relations: Holding successful events is also important for the launch of your brand.

  • Contact center: This service is provided to meet and respond to the needs and concerns of Latino investors, speaking to them in their language.

For all these reasons, we are your strategic ally, supporting at all times the business development plans of your brokerage company in the countries of Latin America: A market with great attractiveness and with a potential that is lost from sight.

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