Is it possible to maximize profits in Latin America?

In psychology as well as in the study of culture, in social communication and even in history, we speak of the onion theory, to refer to the fact that when analyzing any phenomenon, we find that it is made up of layers, and underneath there are more layers, more layers…

Something like this happens with the question we are asking ourselves. To get right to the point, and to answer directly and clearly, the answer is: yes, it is possible to maximize profits in Latin America. What we need to do now is to separate layer by layer until we get to the heart of the issue: how to do it.

How to attract investors in Latin America?

Once the first question has been answered, the next question is: how to maximize profits? The answer may seem obvious: attract investors. But as to what to do to achieve that end, there are a few more details to be provided. And this is what we will see below.

Layer 1: getting to know the investor

So, we are clear that we must attract people with potential and interest in investing. Although if they have the former, we may be able to convince them of the latter.

In general, we are talking about a population with the following characteristics:

  • Adults: they are older than 27, maybe 30; unless they are people who have inherited property, it is rare to find people younger than 21.
  • Professionals in various fields: they may be doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants, or business people.
  • With good income levels, which translates into savings capacity.
  • They are interested in obtaining an extra to cover other expenses (a bigger apartment, a new car, travel) or to be able to retire with something more.

But we cannot fail to mention collective investors. We are talking about groups of people, such as, for example, associations of retired people, who can jointly have capital to invest.

Layer 2: identifying and locating potential investors

Our next mission is to identify and locate potential investors. Who are they? Where are they? Then we can reach out to them and tell them about the services we offer so they can earn profitability.

A good way to start is by checking professional directories or going to the places where these professionals work; even where they have recreational spaces, such as clubs.

In the case of doctors and lawyers, this is relatively simple: they are in their offices and large clinics. Of course, you have to be very respectful of their time and space, as well as that of their clients.

Another option is the referral system. This consists of asking current clients to recommend other people they know who might be interested in investing. And those who have seen the benefits of your brokerage company, in terms of profitability, will not hesitate to recommend it to people close to them.

Layer 3: getting the investors’ attention

In the case of personal contact, the presentation of the brokerage company and the investment services requires a little more time, as well as a person who is in charge of this task. There is also the option of calling to make an appointment in advance.

However, this has the advantage that clients see the face of the organization, which is important. And it is something that goes well with the Latin American way of being, which is a little more given to proximity.

Another alternative can be to use email marketing. In this case, once a mailing list is obtained, a letter is drafted, addressing the person in very respectful terms, to introduce the company and its services.

The advantage of these options is that they are more active, i.e. if the mountain will not come to Muhammad, as the expression goes. However, there are still more ways to make the organization known:

  • Through the realization of events;
  • With advertising for traditional media;
  • Social media advertisements.

Layer 4: convince the investor

Once the potential investor knows the services and advantages offered by your brokerage firm, some of them will already be convinced, but others need a little “push” because they are perhaps hesitant and do not fully understand the scope and benefits of investing.

However, we must be clear that, whatever the medium, the conversion rate will never be 100%. What we need to do is to develop strategies to ensure that this percentage is as high as possible. In this regard, it is worth mentioning:

  • Work on attractive designs for websites and networks;
  • Promotions: create campaigns with offers and discounts;
  • Be clear and specific in the explanations, whether face-to-face or online;
  • Always ask customers to clarify their doubts;
  • Show the benefits with examples: for Latin Americans, this is important, following the motto of seeing is believing;
  • Show testimonials of clients who have invested and won;
  • Be sincere: never offer what is uncertain;
  • Demonstrate why your brokerage company is a good option to invest; and above all, let them know that it is reliable.

Layer 5: increasing participation

But, once the client has contracted your services, there can be even more ways to maximize profits. How? By making the investor increase his/her participation, i.e., what he/she invests. And for this, there are also mechanisms, such as special promotions; for example, on the occasion of one year with the company.

How LFXS can help brokers maximize profits?

Throughout all these layers or moments, your company can count on Latam Forex Solutions. The services it provides are focused on helping brokers who want to open spaces in the different markets of Latin America.

From events, public relations, contact center and investor service to 360º marketing, Latam Forex Solutions is your support, so that your brokerage company can maximize profits.

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