Latam Forex Solutions: Your partner for public relations in LATAM markets

Proper management of public relations can be very beneficial for brokerage companies in the LATAM markets. Next, we will know what they are, how they are developed and why a partner is needed to perform these tasks.

Public relations: what they are and what they are done for

As the name implies, public relations (PR) is a discipline that aims at the relationships that are built between society and organizations.

This concept is mainly applied to communication management. Its purpose is to strengthen the positive image of companies, to gain consensus and support, and loyalty to the different public or internal and external customers.

For such purposes, methods and theories that come from various fields or areas of knowledge are applied, such as sociology, psychology, politics, human resource management, social communication, advertising, and marketing, among others.

To cement the perception that one has regarding the organization, some intangibles are taken into account, among which may be mentioned:

  • Corporate image: what the organization is, what characterizes it and what differentiates it from others.
  • Philosophy: it has to do with the way the organization conceives itself and its activity; it is, therefore, related to its mission, vision and values.
  • Culture: understood as the way of life within the organization; it is also related to values.
  • Image: it is what the organization shows or wants to show about itself to the public, to society or to the other organizations with which it relates.

Tasks of public relations

Within public relations, a set of strategic communication techniques and actions are applied, such as:

Management of internal communication: listening to the internal public, knowing their needs, informing about policies, and giving training, among others;

Management of external communication: promotions, communications, campaigns, conducting surveys.

On the other hand, the various actions to be developed can be carried out directly or through third parties (means of communication). In particular, among them, it is worth mentioning:

  • Research (sociological and market),
  • Organization of events,
  • Social responsibility programs,
  • Media publications,
  • Other publications (institutional journals, newsletter),
  • Free training programs (internal and external).

Public relations for brokerage companies

A broker should also invest in public relations. Like other organizations, its success depends largely on the awareness of its brand and the positive acceptance of it.

And perhaps with brokerage companies, it is required much more than in others, since for these the trust they need to convey is fundamental, to attract new investors.

Therefore, if they are used properly, PR is a resource that could determine the success of the business, guaranteeing its sustainability and boosting it in the future. Below, we will know some reasons why your brokerage company might need public relations support.

Potential investors don’t know the brand

Undoubtedly, if the potential investor has not heard about the brand, he/she will not come to know the services offered, no matter how good they are. 

How to know this? It is enough to apply a survey among the people who make up the target: people of a certain age, with the ability to save and the potential to invest. They are asked if they know the brokerage company and if they have heard of its services. 

The answers may indicate that a better PR job would be needed. In this order of ideas, promotional activities should be organized, to increase visibility, which includes, for example, conducting events.

The brand does not stand out from the competition

Now and then, we read news in which brokerage companies are mentioned: the most well-known ones somewhere. If your company operates there, but your name is not there, it means that competitors are capturing the audience’s attention more.

It is time, then, to take action. One recommendation is to carry out campaigns in digital media. Here, it is also important to work on creating authoritative content that shows the audience that they are talking to a trading expert.

The brand does not attract new investors

A brokerage company that does not attract new investors will hardly be able to sustain itself over time. At least not in that market. But public relations can help attract attention, boosting the image of the business and positioning itself as a leader in the market.

To this end, it is necessary to know how to make the most of differentiating messages, and to disseminate them effectively through the appropriate means, to increase visibility and reach the audience.

A partner for public relations in LATAM

Some of the aforementioned tasks can be carried out by a brokerage company on its own. But, if you do not have the human resources or they do not have the training, it is preferable to hire a third party, who is an expert in the area, to develop the activities.

Concerning these needs, Latam Forex Solutions has event organization services and other public relations activities, so that the company can be closer to its current and potential customers.

In LFXS, we have experience in organizing and conducting training events (seminars and courses), both online and in person. Therefore, we are your ally in the different countries of Latin America.

In addition, we have the support of experts in trading, influencers, speakers, publicists, social communicators and researchers, as well as contact with important media, to carry out strategic communication plans.

And best of all, we know the Latin American markets and culture very well. Therefore, we guarantee adequate communication management, both externally and internally.

Latam Forex Solutions: your ideal partner for public relations in the LATAM markets.

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