Maximizing Growth Opportunities: The Main Services Brokers are Looking for

To be a successful brokerage company that stands out in the market, above the competition, certain conditions are required, some common to commercial organizations, and others particular to this type of activity.

Thus, in order to maximize their growth opportunities, there are certain services that brokers look for, which are or should be provided by third parties. Next, we will know what they are.

The main services that brokers are looking for

A brokerage company, it is called, offers services and in turn requires others, to carry out its activities in the most efficient way, helping its investors to generate profitability.

But it’s not just this. Such services are also necessary to maximize their growth opportunities as an organization, with a view to excel in this competitive market. Let’s see, then, what are the main services that brokers are looking for.

Training in finance

A brokerage company is formed or led by people with knowledge in trading. And although there is no particular qualification required to work as a broker, the most common is that these functions are performed by professionals who graduated from universities or with studies in related areas.

Among the most common careers for those who work as brokers are: economists, administrators, accountants, mathematicians and others. In addition, some have a master’s degree or diploma in the area of finance.

In this way, training is one of the main services that brokers are looking for to maximize opportunities for growth. It can be about a variety of topics, related to instruments, assets, and markets, among others.

In turn, this training can be of various types:

  • Empirical: The one that takes place in daily practice, working with different financial instruments; this is learning from experience.
  • Self-taught: The one that the person obtains him/herself, through different means, including books and tutorials.
  • Formal academic: The one provided by institutions such as universities and other institutes of higher studies, which can be of different levels: courses, diplomas, masters.

It goes without saying that these ways of seeking learning are not excluded but complement each other.

Other types of training

As a complement to the knowledge regarding the financial instruments themselves, training is also required in relation to languages (mainly English), platform management, statistical tools and legal aspects connected with the various markets.

It is important to note, at this point, that a broker will inspire more confidence the better training his staff proves to have. So here, as in other areas, training is the key to success.

Legal advice

It is appropriate to point out that the activity of the broker is largely regulated by various bodies, some national and some international, such as the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

In this order of ideas, legal advice is another of the main services that brokers look for. Of course, when dealing with somewhat delicate situations, involving the handling of third-party money, as well as the establishment of agreements and contracts, everything must be done in the most transparent way and within the framework of legality.

To make sure of this, if you do not have a legal department, you should have good advice on the matter. Of course, the ideal is to hire a firm with experience in dealing with the regulations that exist in the international sphere regarding trading.


For trading, brokers use some trading platforms already known, for example, MetaTrader, and AvaTrade, to name some. Apart from this, it is necessary to have functionalities within your own pages, to handle matters such as customer registration, their orders, and commissions, among others, as well as to provide information, data analysis, and more.

It is appropriate to point out that most brokers work with several platforms, adapted to the level of the investor. Some are more intuitive or simple, for the less experienced user; and others are more complex, allowing various types of orders to be executed.


A business organization that in our times wishes to maximize growth opportunities, can’t ignore the marketing aspect because when a person or company is looking for someone to invest their money with, the list can be very long.

There are so many brokers available today, that without a proper marketing strategy, it would be difficult to stand out in order to attract more potential clients and thus be able to grow.

Although there is the option for a broker to carry out various actions on its own with a view to attracting investors, it is also possible to resort to third parties who are professionals providing such marketing services.

In this regard, the strategies used are also diverse. These include:

  • Web positioning (SEO visibility)
  • Welcome promotions
  • Provide free training (with podcasts)
  • Advertising on social networks
  • Use of the blog (articles of interest)
  • Use influencers
  • Professional directories

As you can see, there are different alternatives for attracting investors. Of course, each one requires time and effort. For this reason, it is often advisable to leave this activity in the hands of a team of professionals, so that the broker can better concentrate on the productive activities.

Outsourcing of services for brokers

Therefore, in Latam Forex Solutions, we outsource various services to support our partners, so that they can make the most of their growth opportunities, becoming more effective and helping their investors to gain profitability.

Among these services can be mentioned:

– Opening of offices (headquarters or branches): This service supports the opening of spaces for face-to-face work in the main cities of Latin America. And this not only refers to the location or the premises but also to the incorporation of companies, complying with all the legal procedures.

– Administration: In conjunction with the above, support is provided in the management of the branch, including personnel, payroll management, supervision and other administrative and accounting tasks.

– Personnel selection: Another very necessary service for those who want to open an office in a new region, which can also be outsourced with Latam Forex Solutions, is the hiring of qualified personnel with the appropriate profile for the needs of each position. 

– Legal consulting: As already mentioned, in each country, there are different regulations and requirements to operate as a broker. Therefore, Latam Forex Solutions provides legal advice to the partners, since it has lawyers specialized in finance and fintech, in the countries of the region.

– Other services: Apart from those mentioned, outsourcing services are also offered regarding events, public relations, marketing campaigns, contact center, sales management and more.

Weaving growth networks

There are several lessons we have learned today about organizational functioning. One of them is that certain tasks can be entrusted to those who know how to do them best. And the other, that not everything is competition, there is also collaboration. Thus, companies help each other to carry out their activities.So, we can conclude that maximizing growth opportunities depends both on what we ourselves do as a company, and on getting excellent collaborators and allies to provide us with the services we need.

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