Is it possible to maximize profits in Latin America?

In psychology as well as in the study of culture, in social communication and even in history, we speak of the onion theory, to refer to the fact that when analyzing any phenomenon, we find that it is made up of layers, and underneath there are more layers, more layers… Something like this happens with […]

360 Marketing for Brokers in Latin America: How Does it Work?

Whatever the nature of the activity to be developed, there is no doubt that an organization will find in marketing a great support to make known its products and services, as well as its brand, positioning itself and gaining more profitability. This is an urgent need in the case of a brokerage company that wants […]

Maximizing Growth Opportunities: The Main Services Brokers are Looking for

To be a successful brokerage company that stands out in the market, above the competition, certain conditions are required, some common to commercial organizations, and others particular to this type of activity. Thus, in order to maximize their growth opportunities, there are certain services that brokers look for, which are or should be provided by […]

Advantages and opportunities that brokers have when hiring local labor

Companies decide to expand and open operations in other territories, either in person or remotely, to look for new markets and increase profitability, or even save costs. This is a decision that, as well as bringing benefits, also carries its risks. Therefore, it is important to try to protect yourself in various ways, taking the […]

What strategies can brokers use to succeed in Latin America?

Latin America has a huge potential, offering great possibilities for investment. And although there are already brokerage companies providing their services in the region, the Latino investor is starting to get to know the different products. That is to say, there is still room to grow. From the information reported by different sites, regarding the […]

Mexico: In the eyes of big brokers

Due to its geographical location, its human capital and the great growth of its internal market, Mexico is in the eyes of the big brokers, who are increasingly turning their attention and investing in the Aztec country, considered as the best-positioned emerging economy. Let’s look at the details. Mexico: the second largest economy in LATAM […]

Benefits of outsourcing your brokerage company with LFXS

In the beginning, organizations tried to perform all tasks themselves, even those that were not prepared or had no trained personnel. But, over time the provision of outsourced services, even remotely, was gaining space, due to its advantages. Today, it is a sector with great growth potential. Currently, this market is above 240,000 million USD, […]

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