The Secret of Libertex to Expand in Latin America

Libertex is a broker or stockbroker that has been present in the market since 2016 and belongs to the company Indication Investments Limited, which has been positioned since 1997, providing support with more than 20 years of experience.

Currently, it has a great boom in the online investment market in LATAM, competing with other recognized companies in this field.

It is part of the well-known Forex Club group and over the years it has received more than 40 international awards and recognitions, such as: “Most Trusted Broker LATAM” at the Ultimate Fintech Awards in 2022 and “Best Trading Platform” at the FX Report Awards in 2022, among others.

In turn, it has more than 3 million clients worldwide, more than 250 trading assets and a presence in more than 120 countries; it allows commission-free investments in real shares, as well as online trading using CFDs (trading contracts for difference) negotiable with assets such as commodities, Forex, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, among others.

Throughout this article, we will be detailing a wide variety of factors that stand out and that have helped Libertex become one of the most outstanding platforms for its users in LATAM and the world.

Understanding that the key to success is to bet on human interaction has made its offer perfectly adapted to LATAM. In addition, they also stand out for their excellent price range; low commissions; super competitive pips; limited risks; focus on their clients and only handle commissions without spreads; being part of an international and well-regulated group; their platform is solely and exclusively web-based, as well as many other benefits.

Another factor to highlight would be its outstanding Forex investment affiliate plan, which provides the possibility of earning extra money in a highly profitable and safe way by attracting new investors to the system. Being done in two ways: one-time commissions for each trader (Forex CPA Plan) or lifetime commissions for each transaction that traders make (RevShare Plan), all according to your preferences and the benefits you want to obtain.

But what has been the secret of Libertex to position itself in LATAM?
Their slogan is “Trading for Everyone” and they certainly comply with it. On the other hand, we cannot ignore that a series of strategic actions have raised the positioning of this broker making it the main ally of investors today.

We can emphasize that one of the most important factors for its success has been the level of reliability it provides to its users, thus managing to cover one of the great fears of these: being scammed and losing their jobs, earnings and time.

And it is that in a market led by young people and highly prepared traders, the most important thing is their safety and not to be fooled by sophisticated websites with a professional but not functional facade, or by highly attractive but empty marketing copies. Libertex’s strategy is quite attractive and striking because it manages to provide trust and guarantees based on the needs and objectives of its users.

All of this is possible thanks to its Head of Marketing Anna Orbezo, who since 2021 understood the shortcomings that the market had and used this knowledge to develop a growth strategy in order to differentiate and position themselves, which had as its main priority to focus on the client, making Libertex a highly competitive and attractive broker for its users.

Another relevant strategy they used to stand out and differentiate themselves was to benefit their users by offering some of the lowest commission rates in the region, allowing them to enjoy commission-free transactions when using Libertex Portfolio if they wished.

Also, a factor to consider is its level of leverage which stands out from the competition exponentially since it provides the possibility of maximizing your profits, even when dealing with low-value deposits.

Libertex Trading Academy as a final positioning strategy:

Libertex seeks to train its users to achieve their goals and reach their full potential and in the search to achieve this they created this academy, which aims to provide online financial education so that any of its users can start trading without limitations and with great benefits.
We know that to be successful in this market we must have previous knowledge, so Libertex took the reins and created its own academy which has as its only requirement the desire to learn and a real interest in investments and the financial world.

Its most outstanding feature is that its courses go by levels, from beginners to advanced, thus managing to offer a complete experience using educational materials and free or paid tutorials explained quickly and easily, with classes at your own pace and available 24/7, with real feedback from teachers and experts in the field and a certification endorsed by Libertex, all this in order to help, test and develop solid skills before even users start using their own real capital.

Another of the many benefits of the Libertex Trading Academy is that it not only focuses on teaching how to use and function within its platform but also on:
save and increase your capital; protect your savings from inflation; generate profits when and from where you want; learn the skill of making money.

Either through articles, digital or physical advertising, analysis, reviews or its many services that give a high added value to the experience such as Crypto Mining or Trading Academy,

In conclusion, we can express that Libertex stands out for its many services such as Crypto Miner or Trading Academy, which provide a high added value to the user experience having an incredible receptivity in LATAM for focusing on generating trust and showing its level of experience and good practices.

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